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Here is the Best ATR 42 study guide available on the web. Here you will find indepth explanations of the systems that make up this airplane.

Animated systems presentations allow you to quickly understand how these systems work and what happens if something fails. The avionics systems are covered indepth.

If you have never had any experience with glass cockpits, this guide will be greatly appreciated. EFIS explanations are designed to build your knowledge starting with a blank screen and will build the display piece by piece.

The electrical system is explained in a straight forward manner. It starts as if you are walking to a totally unpowered aircraft. An animated diagram shows you what buses are powered and then shows you how to energize the remaining buses.

Check out a few examples and then sign up to get the rest of the study guide. You won't find an easier guide on the web.

You will need a powerpoint viewer to watch these samples, so if you don't have one, click on the button at the bottom of the page.

Click Here To See A Preview Of The EADI
Click For Preview of Electrical System

Download Microsoft PowerPoint
Animation Player for ActiveX

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